The Pet Connector

When I look, let me truly see - When I listen, let me truly hear

Kathy Boyer

Animal Communicator

& Energy Healer


 You found me for a reason....  

  I've been waiting for you!


Answers to FAQ's
Yes, I can talk to your animal remotely! You  don't  have to live nearby, OR bring them to me!

Yes, I offer Energy Healing as well, for both your pet AND you! Don't miss out!

My special Launching My Business Introductory Rates are listed below, with my contact information. I will work with you and your specific animal's needs, and create a special package designed just for you!

 Are you struggling with behaviors like these?

"My cat keeps urinating outside the box." 

"My dog is terrified of loud noises and won't stop barking."

"Why can't all these animals just get along???"

  What about End of Life issues?

"I wish I knew what my animal wanted, and if he's in pain..."

"I can't shake this guilt... How could I have done that?"

"This is so hard.  I can't go through this again..."

You have found The ​Pet Connector &

I can help you!

 I see that you are looking for an Animal Communicator, or in plain terms, someone to talk with your pet: A Pet Psychic!

 I understand the struggles we face - sometimes on a daily basis - with our animal companions. When I talk with them,  and find out what they're thinking or feeling - I can help find the root cause of the behavior you're experiencing, helping you gain the clarity you need, and determine what steps to take to fix it.  If needed, I use Energy Healing techniques that are effective and lasting.

Are you just curious and want to know what your pet thinks about your new house - OR your new boyfriend/girlfriend?

Maybe you're facing choices with an aging or sick animal, and  just don't know what to do.

Is my animal in pain? What do THEY want?

 I've experienced the loss of 13 cats and 1 horse over the past 15 years, and totally understand the myriad of emotions and decisions we would rather not face.

Sometimes, even years later, we still haven't recovered. 

I can help you through these rough emotions,

  which are most often guilt and regret.

I can communicate with animals who are still living, and those who have passed. For those that have passed, it provides closure to the owner, and can help release that guilt and regret we often feel from our decisions.

Would you like more harmony in your home?

What if all your animals got along?

I offer discount rates for multiple animal households, and will work with your situation.

 Want to chat, or make an appointment?



909 Crestwood Drive, Staunton, VA 24401

Launching My Business Rates

I will happily work with your specific needs, and create a workable combination package to best help you and your animal.

1. Animal Communication Sessions  $60

              ($10 more per animal, for each additional animal)

2. EFT (Tapping) Sessions - $60

(Buy 1, Get 1 Free)

3. Scalar Wave Energy Healing- $60

(Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

Gift Certificates Available!

An Animal Communication Session makes the perfect gift for the animal lover in your life!

I accept online payments  through PayPal

(a $3.00 fee will be added per session to cover expenses)

 When I look, let me truly see -When I listen, let me truly hear