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Oh, Nuts!

Is the Animal Kingdom trying to get your attention?

March 29, 2022

As a by-product of my path to becoming an Animal Communicator, I’ve found myself reconnecting with nature and experiencing a greater connection with the animal kingdom as a whole (to include mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, etc). Somewhere in the development of western culture, I believe we have lost that sense of connection and unity. My greatest insights and inspirations come to me while hiking on the Blue Ridge Parkway, or sitting along its overlooks, admiring beautiful mountains or glorious sunsets in front of me.

It had never occurred to me that the Animal Kingdom might be trying to get my attention, to impart words of encouragement or counsel. I have greatly expanded my experience of Animal Communication, from learning telepathy (the transference of words, pictures, and feelings) to listening to all of nature.

A friend of mine, also an Energy Healer, once told me about a meaningful book she referenced when she began to notice when various species of animals – particularly one type of bird – repeatedly appeared to her, sometimes in places they would ordinarily not be found.

It’s the Pocket Guide to a book called “Animal-Speak” by Ted Andrews. It provides simple keynote messages associated with over 290 animals, including birds, mammals, insects and arachnids, reptiles and sea life. It catches the essence of the various species, and what we can learn from them. It's the perfect size for me to have on hand when I want to reference an animal.

I began my own “experiments” of listening, and along the way, I’ve had so much fun doing this! I’m experiencing a sense of unity with all of life that I can barely describe, and I want to share my fun insights with all of you – as well as encourage you to conduct your own “experiments” with nature! I’ve found that the more I’m willing to listen, the more plentiful and enriching are my experiences.

It started with a squirrel. Just an ordinary squirrel playing in my front yard. I took a few extra moments to observe it, but didn’t think anything more about it until I went for a walk the next day at our local park (which has an abundant squirrel population.)

My mind was on so many things, as it often is, and I love to do the 1.3 -mile loop around the park with its beautiful huge poplar, maple, oak and other hardwood trees to clear my head and sort things out. This time, the topic of my overactive brain concerned my finances and what to do with a certain amount of money I had set aside. Should I invest it? Should I just keep it in my savings account? Should I re-do some of my other finances?

About 50 feet into my walk, I saw a squirrel to my right, on the grass facing me, standing perfectly still. Then literally about 6 ft further, there was another squirrel situated in the same position, facing me and again not moving. Following that, evenly spaced another 6 ft ahead, was  a THIRD squirrel – yes, in the same position as the other two, also stoic. What’s going on with these squirrels?

I completed my loop around the park, thinking about those squirrels (and every other squirrel I saw for the next 30 minutes!). It dawned on me that the spirit of the “squirrel species” might be trying to give me a message.

When I got home, I immediately opened the Animal-Speak book to find out what the squirrel might want to tell me. Here was the message: “Balance your work and play. Prepare for the future, but do not get lost in preparations. Find ways to gather and to gift.”

Prepare for the future, but do not get lost in preparations. I had just been thinking about my money, and as I read that message, it totally resonated with me. I also tend to “work a lot and play very little,” so when the first sentence said to balance your work and play, that was another BINGO for me!

This little pocket guide had caught my attention! Thus, my encounter with the squirrels is permanently affixed in my mind. I’ve also noticed that when I need that gentle reminder to balance work and play, the squirrels again grab my attention.

I have many more stories to share, and with each new discovery and encounter with various species, (bees, snakes, ants, butterflies, and cardinals to name a few) my awareness of humanity’s connection with all of life is ever expanding. The connection has always been there. I know that I personally need to continue restoring that connection. What an amazing universe!

My challenge to you: Keep an open mind when you notice an animal/bird/insect/reptile making its presence known to you - usually more than once. You might experience it as an extra heart moment, just enough to get your attention. At least that’s what happens most often with me, as sometimes I’m a slow learner!

If you have a story to share of a special encounter with another species, please share it with me at [email protected]

Time to go eat some nuts, and put my work aside for the day…

Have a great one,

Kathy Boyer - The Pet Connector

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February 14, 2020

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January 15, 2020

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