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Description of Sessions

Welcome to the exciting world of Animal Communication!

If this is your first time working with me, I'm going to explain what you can expect from

each of the different types of sessions that I offer.

Animal Communication

(I talk directly with your pet, living or that has already passed)

REMOTE SESSIONS: You will send me a picture of your animal about 5 minutes prior to our scheduled appointment time. I will call you, ask some basic questions, and if there is anything specific that you'd like me to try and find out from them. It's best if your pet can be with you. You will stay on the phone while I get quiet and connect with them. This will take about 15-20 min, and I will include a medical intuition scan (not a diagnosis). When I'm finished, we'll talk about it, and decide if we would like to follow up with any Tapping or Scalar Wave Energy Healing Sessions.  It will take 30-40 minutes total time.

IN PERSON SESSIONS: It's basically the same as a remote session, except I will be there in person at your house/barn/apt, in the same room with you and your animal while I do the same protocol.


(Emotional Freedom Technique)

In short, EFT Tapping is a technique that involves 'tapping gently' on a series of acupressure points on the body- points on the person/animal's meridians (energetic pathways) which are linked to organs, which are linked to emotions.

It is HIGHLY effective in releasing stored emotions/emotional trauma from the physical body, bringing it into better balance, and creating a better environment for  the body to help heal itself.

REMOTE SESSIONS: Ideally we will do a "face to face call" through Zoom or another electronic means, and I will guide you through Tapping on you or your animal. If the animal is not cooperative, we can Tap on "ourselves" or another animal as a surrogate. I will always Tap along with you. We will work out a "script" to pinpoint the emotions/traumatic event we want to work through. A typical session will take  30-40 minutes.

IN-PERSON SESSIONS: In most cases, I will do the Tapping on the animal while you hold them, or if the animal is resting you will be alongside me.

Tapping on Pumpkin

Scalar Wave

Energy Healing Sessions

Known as the "Bioscalar Wave" and adapted for animals, this is a very powerful technique where I will move the energy through an animal's body, balance the Chakras (meaning wheel and considered centers of spiritual power in the body), and specifically target any areas of discomfort. This is a different technique than Reiki. Animals generally find this very relaxing during and immediately after the session (possibly even falling asleep!). In this picture, Pumpkin is modeling a typical reaction following a session! Most often, you will see an improvement in your pet's well- being and energy level within a day or two -sometimes immediately!

REMOTE SESSIONS: I do most of these sessions remotely, but I can also do them in person. At our appointment time, I would like for you to stay with your pet while they are quiet. Exceptions could be if your animal is at a Veterinary Hospital.  We won't need to be on the phone, and it will take 30-40 minutes. I will let you know when I start and when I'm finished! Your job is easy!



909 Crestwood Drive, Staunton, VA 24401

 My Business Rates

I will happily work with your specific needs, and create a workable combination package to best help you and your animal.

1. Animal Communication Sessions  $60

              ($10 more per animal, for each additional animal)

2. EFT (Tapping) Sessions - $60

(Buy 1, Get 1 half price)

3. Scalar Wave Energy Healing- $60

(Buy 1, Get 1 half price)

Gift Certificates Available!

An Animal Communication Session makes the perfect gift for the animal lover in your life!

I accept online payments  through PayPal

(a $3.00 fee will be added per session to cover expenses)

 When I look, let me truly see -When I listen, let me truly hear