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When I look, let me truly see - When I listen, let me truly hear

Vincent from Australia

Vincent's Story

Dec 2019

"I was a mess! I had a rough start in life, with multiple households, trauma, abuse and intestinal surgery by the time I was 12 months old! Then Kym found me! I was so stressed over all the trauma of my young life, that I couldn’t control myself, I pooped and peed EVERYWHERE – except where I was supposed to: in my litter box! I didn’t know who I was, or why I was doing that. After 2 years of this, Kathy worked really hard with both of us over a few months’ time (Combination of Communication, Scalar Wave, and incredible Tapping. She got way down deep into my issues, and helped get rid of SO MUCH STRESS! Also my broken heart... I have gained so much confidence, I'm more trusting and relaxed. I have also stopped the random pooping and regular bed /lounge weeing.

Just look at me now!

A big heartfelt thank you to Kathy."

-Kym Cooper and Vincent, NSW Australia

Blue from Upstate New York

Blue's Story

July 2019

"My mom Cindy rescued me while en route to Canada on a slaughter truck two years ago, when I was only 2 yrs. old. I was traumatized, afraid of everything and everyone. She invited  Kathy to our farm, and I disappeared into the middle of my herd of 5 horses to hide, so I wouldn’t be noticed. Before I knew it, I felt a tugging in my heart that someone was trying to get my attention.

It was HER!

I courageously came out from the middle of my herd, and walked over to the fence, about 20 ft away from where she was sitting, looking at me. My ears perked up -  I listened to her, and she listened to me!

Wow! I finally got to tell my story! My mom watched in amazement as I just stood there by the fence, alert and attentive!

She did some Tapping on me about 10 minutes later, and a few days after that I felt the healing energy of the Scalar Wave pass through my body. I started to let my guard down, and am learning to trust.

I feel like a new horse!

Thank you, Kathy!"

-Cindy Gumbus Rivers and Blue, upstate NY

Rose - Richmond, VA


Rose's Story

March 2020

"I love energy Work! Look at me after a Scalar Wave Energy Healing session – And it was done remotely! I’m a 12 ½ yr old Australian Shepherd, and was born deaf. I’m so sensitive to energy! I had just come back from the vet, where they told my mom, Lindsey-Brooke, that I had lesions on my intestinal wall. I also wasn’t eating very much.

Mom was so worried, and through a timing miracle, she met Kathy, who talked with me. That helped me relay to my mom what I was feeling. She did some Tapping with each of us separately, and that helped us relax. During the Scalar Wave, she saw that I had a sore throat and weak lungs, and that’s why it was painful to eat. I felt so much better afterwards, and started eating again!

When it was time to go back to the vet, I could sense it, and it totally stressed me out. I felt helpless not knowing what they were going to do to me. I threw up multiple times, and stopped eating again. We did another round of Tapping, and that was amazing, because it brought up similar emotions from my early Puppyhood trauma – being locked alone in a horse trailer and intentionally starved – before I was rescued. The Tapping helped me release this stored emotional trauma. I feel so much better! Thank you for your care for both of us!"

-Lindsey-Brooke Keeton and Rose, Richmond, VA

 Gloriana and her dog Gia

"Kathy met my girl, Gia, via photograph April 2020. Gia has been part of my house for about five years and we are guessing she is over 14 years old. We have no idea where she came from or what happened to her. I have my guesses but she specifically told Kathy that it doesn’t matter since she is very happy and doesn’t want to go into the past. That is a great lesson for all of us! Kathy picked up Gia’s personality to a T. What I was extremely impressed with Kathy was the attention she gave to Gia and the healing that this little senior pup needed. Gia has a renewed energy and continues to show so much love and joy. Thank you, Kathy!"  

-Gloriana Palancia,  Florida

Gia from Florida

Diddie Pooh, upstate NY

Susan and her cats Maui & Pooh

"I moved my cats Maui and Pooh with me from Virginia to New York State in July 2019. I had no idea what they thought of the move until Kathy offered to do a welfare check on them. What she reported made perfect sense and some of it was painful to hear, but it was helpful information that I could use to make our lives better.

She checked their health, working with her techniques. I don't understand these things, but their comfort levels both improved. I have known Kathy for years. She loves animals and would never do anything to hurt them or anyone.

She's compassionate and opened up a world for me to which I never imagined having access. I hope to keep a regular visit with her for my loved ones. Kathy has been more than a blessing in my life."

- A very happy client, Susan Johnson

Maui, upstate NY

Dr Jill Todd, DVM

and her dogs Olive & Vixie

"Kathy Boyer communicated with both of my dogs as well as did EFT tapping on them. Olive Oil and Vixie Elizabeth are both rescue dogs and have PTSD. Kathy was able to pick up from both of them issues that were from their past. She worked on them remotely and I saw an immediate change in both of their behavior. I would recommend her highly to anyone who needs to check in on their animals."

"Kathy was fun to work with and very thorough. She has excellent communication skills as well as intuition. My pack is much more harmonious."

-Jill Todd, DVM

             Susan and Rocco

"Uuuuuuuum Kathy….He literally stood up just now. For a second, but he literally stood up just now!" (Immediately at the end of the scalar wave session)

                        *                           *                       *

"Thank you for working on Rocco! After his scalar wave healing sessions, he’d have a big ole smile on his face and would be so relaxed. The relief and improvement in him was evident!"  

-Susan Rhodes, Founder and CEO

 Kira Rescue, Vista, California




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 When I look, let me truly see -When I listen, let me truly hear